People with disabilities can achieve wonderful things. Sometimes it just takes a bit of strategizing to deal with the curveballs THROWN AT US BY a society that wasn’t built with our needs in mind.

If cost is a barrier to receiving these services, please let Erica know. Subsidies, payment plans, and/or sliding scales are available. Services are built to accommodate your needs.


Individuals with disabilities have many strengths and capabilities. The perspectives they bring to their workplaces, their education, and to the lives of people around them are unique and often invaluable. However, the challenges they face due to inaccessibility and common societal misconceptions can act as barriers to their individual goals and aspirations. Personalized support, empathy, and a disability-positive approach can help those with disabilities flourish in their personal and professional lives.


Career Strategy Sessions are geared towards individuals looking for support as they navigate their own careers. Erica can support you once you’ve obtained employment – from day one to retirement! Erica knows that being an employee with disabilities can have unique challenges and can feel very isolating at times. She is committed to helping you thrive in your work and will help you to achieve your goals whether it’s retaining your job, advancing in your career, or otherwise.

Key topics may include:

  • Disclosing your disability to your manager or colleagues
  • Requesting accommodations
  • Managing unplanned illnesses
  • Interpersonal/teamwork issues
  • Understanding and interpreting feedback

Erica will be there to guide you and help you to problem solve so you feel validated and supported in your career. Career Strategy Sessions are designed to help you in the long-term with increased self-awareness, improved self-advocacy skills, the ability to more clearly communicate your needs, and learning transferrable skills you can use throughout your career.


A big change in one’s life can be hard – for anyone – but it can be even more challenging when you have disabilities. CARCO Disability Strategies is here to help you navigate these tricky times. Whether you are:

  • Moving out of your family home
  • Adjusting to changing mobility or a new diagnosis
  • Starting post-secondary education
  • Or any other major changes in your life!

Erica can help you by talking through your concerns and creating innovative solutions, making action plans, dealing with arising issues or practicing and role-playing difficult conversations. She can guide you through different scenarios and considerations that may need additional attention due to disability.



Have you ever received disability-related training and wondered how you could put it into practice in your work? Training is important and necessary, but do you ever wish you could call an expert to ask them questions and discuss various options available to you before you act? Well, now you can!

Are you:

An employer wanting to support employees with disabilities?
A service provider wondering how to best serve your clients with disabilities?

A medical professional looking to provide your patients with disability-positive healthcare?

Consider taking advantage of CARCO Disability Strategies’ advisory services. You’ll get access to Erica’s expertise to help you identify the best approaches, workshop ideas and strategies, or even role-play scenarios to help you become more comfortable with potential responses and outcomes.

Two options are available based on your organization’s needs. The ultimate goal of these advisory services is to help you and your organization build capacity and gain the confidence to support people with disabilities.

Option 1: “Pay-as-you-go”

This option allows you to have a conversation with Erica via video-call on an ad hoc basis as issues arise.

Option 2: “Prepaid” 

This option provides you with access to a set number of sessions per month on an ongoing basis. With this option, you can book a video-call with Erica within one day to deal with time-sensitive matters.



Are you a leader at an organization or educational institution that needs support when it comes to the inclusion of employees with disabilities? Do you want to create a disability-friendly workplace where your employees can bring their authentic selves? Are you an employer who wants to do right by employees with disabilities, but is unsure of the best approach? CARCO Disability Strategies offers training to help leaders like you to understand your role in creating and maintaining a disability-friendly environment and how to begin to put your learning into motion.


Erica Carson-Sami is an excellent resource for employers focused on the inclusion of people with disabilities in their organization. With her experience, she can speak to how to build the diversity of a workforce both from an organizational perspective and that of a self advocate. I’ve been pleased to work with her as a subject matter expert and presenter on best practices and would happily do so again in the future.

Jeremy Holland

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Live your best life, don’t just live with your disabilities but thrive with them. Embrace what makes you unique!